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The Classical Realm

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Dedicated to Anca Veleanu
A woman whose beauty and love are unparalleled. 
A woman who can see good in all that is bad.
A woman who has captured my heart.


... to my website all about classical music.
Music has been a mainstay in our lives for THOUSANDS of years.
So-called "classical music" in the generic sense, come into its own until c.1100 with a female nun named Hildegard of Bingen.  Hildegarde was seen my many as a prophet and expressed her predictions through music.  Her music remains the oldest surviving in the repertoire...

I have for many years been into classical music and have often made many attempts to introduce it to our younger cultures.
On this website, I intend to attempt to explore every aspect of classical music from its roots in the middle ages to the current wave of neo-classical music and musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Franz Liszt "the greatest pianist of our time"
Franz Liszt (Abbé Liszt Ferencz)

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To bring classical music back into popularity!