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About Me

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Let me introduce you to... me.

Hi, my name is Danny Newman.  I live in Harold Hill, Essex in England.  I was born on 12 February 1977 in Hackney, East London.
My mum has been a Carpenters fan for many years and her sister bought her the Now & Then album.  She awakened my love for the brother and sister duo.
I started my education in 1980 at Comet Nursery School and in 1982 I progressed on to Whitmore Primary School.
in 1988 I started school at Central Foundation Boys School in Green (Wormel) House.  However, in 1990, my parents decided to move out of London to Harold Hill, near Romford in Essex.  This, naturally meant I would be changing schools.
I transferred to Harold Hill Community School where I made 4 very close friends, Jason Bell, Nicholas Pardoe, Lesley Oaks and Claire Grove.  It was through Nicholas lending me the video "Yesterday Once More" that my love of the Carpenters really took off.
I left school in 1993 and went to Havering Sixth Form College in Hornchurch.  However I had to drop out for personal reasons.
At the time we were in the midst of a recession and jobs were very hard to come by.  In 1994 I took the decision o go back to college and I acquired a National Vocational Qualification in Information Technology Solutions.  However, thanks to Mr Bill Gates' introduction of Windows 3.1 system, my qualification became obsolete and I had to take a second course on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 (the previous course had been on MS-DOS 6).  I left with a City and Guilds.
The same time I started at college, I got a weekend job with the British DIY retailer, B&Q.  I started 1 day a week and I have been there ever since.  I now work there full time as a Customer Services Administrator, so my qualifications came in handy after all.
I have acquired many great friends at B&Q
Shelley L
Shelly P
Jean R
Jean C
Jackie P
Jackie M
Richard H
Colin H
Colin B
Karen S
Karen B
Phil B
Phil S
Richard R
and everybody I haven't mentioned also.
This website is dedicated to you all.

Welcome to Carpenters Online. A tribute to my love of the Carpenters